December 27, 2016

Welcome post

Welcome to my brand-new author site/blog!

I'm the sort of person who begins new projects on a whim. My previous attempt at blogging in English, a blog about weird diseases and bizarre medical facts, fizzled out a year ago, when I realized that blogging about necrotizing fasciitis, genital mutilation and people who swallow unlikely objects isn't really helping me accomplish anything (I'm not a medical professional, nor do I write gruesome horror books...). However, I've been writing fiction in Polish for a long time, and I've lately become serious about translating some of my stories into English, so obviously I need a blog in English to promote my work, even if blogging about shocking medical cases isn't quite the way to go!

I don't feel confident enough yet to blog about writing as a craft, but over the next month or so, I'll probably share some musings about life in general, the ups and downs of creativity, and the challenges a writer faces. For now, I've posted one translated short story and one flash fiction piece, along with links to longer stories; feel free to explore and comment. More will come soon!

I've recently joined the wonderfully supportive online writers' community 10 Minute Novelists and I'm really looking forward to participating in some cool writing challenges in 2017. I'm one of those writers who never lack for ideas, but struggle with actual output, so hopefully the motivation provided by 10 Minute Novelists will help!

I'm not very good at following through with New Year's resolutions (as far as I know, that's typical for most people), but since the New Year hasn't arrived yet, my Not Yet New Year's resolution is to publish the next seven blog posts (not written yet) on seven consecutive days.

Have a great day, and see you around!

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