March 11, 2017

When life tells you to leap high

Life doesn't always give you lemons; sometimes it surprises you with a box of Lindt chocolates! Or tickets to the cinema. Or an unplanned trip to Paris. Or a cool job offer. 

Unexpected opportunities can be a real gift from heaven. Of course, it's best to use good judgment; all too often something that looks promising at first sight will prove a disappointment later. I once turned down a very interesting translation job because the risk of not getting paid outweighed all possible benefits. As an author, I've also learned that not every invitation to appear at a convention or meet-the-author session is worth accepting. 

But there's another thing about opportunities: more often than not, they don't come gift-wrapped on a plate. They have to be chased and caught. Now and then life dangles something tempting in front of you (a fish? a golden ring? a delicious portion of ice cream?), but to win the prize, you have to take a leap. Or climb a steep staircase. Or fight your way up a rocky wall. You have to take a risk, push yourself, go out of your comfort zone.

Right now, I'm leaping high to catch a gleaming little fish that dangles right out of my reach.

I might miss. I might trip and fall, and make a fool of myself. But hey! At worst, I'll be able to tell myself: at least I tried. And one thing is certain; not trying at all means a 0% chance of success.

Do you believe in taking leaps?

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